World Bike and Kit (thoughts please)

This is my evolving page about my round the world bike and kit

Please feel free to offer  any hints , tips and recommendations

The Bike

Most people when then set of on an expedition go and have designed an expedition bike

Not me !!!

I am looking to put together an “E BAY ” bike by  putting together and designing a bike that will be versatile , take me round the world and will be very very cheap

After each item you will either see a ? which means open to suggestions/ still investigating   or the word “check” which means I now have this and ready to go

So back to the e Bike

Frame                                                                   ?

Wheels                                                                 ?

Tyres                     Swchwabe Marathon Plus

Rack                        Tubus                                   ?

Saddle                  Brooks                                  Check

Panniers              Ortileb

Bike Computer                                                  ?

Lights                                                                    ?



camera                                 check

passport                              check




e45                                         check   

tooth brush                        check   

sun cream                           check

razor                                      check   

small towel                         check

water filter

spare glasses                     check

sewing kit

first aid kit                           check




spoke key

Allen keys                           check

pump                                    check

puncture kit                       check

pedal wrench

tyre levers                          check

chain tool

spokes (spare)

2 spare inner tubes


tent                                                       terra nova laser ?

sleeping bag                                       check

mat                                                       termarest           

cooker                                                 Coleman 44        ?

cutlery                                                  ?

pans                                                      ?


trousers/shorts                                                ?             

long sleeve shirt                                check

2 t shirts                                               check

2/3 pairs socks                                 check

rain jacket                                           check

rain trousers                                      check

gloves winter/summer                  check

buff                                                        ?

cap                                                         ?

sunglasses                                          check

fleece                                                   check

base layer                                           check

cycle shorts                                        check

bib shorts aulta pro gel                  ?

underwear                                         check

top layer                                              check

Anything else ? Comments welcome

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  1. Nadine says:

    Looks like you forgot toothpaste :)

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